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Good academics are in high demand.  International academic flow has grind to a trickle.  Academics are wanting a more flexible engagement with employers and with contract opportunities.  They are less engaged with job boards, and ready to be sought after and acknowledged as valued.  

The old advertising model was designed for getting a message to academics looking for a job, but it’s challenging to efficiently attract the right high quality academic who is not engaged in these outdated job boards.  It is inherently  costly and inefficient organizations to keep paying for these inefficient products and services.

In-house recruitment teams are lean and low on budget in these tougher economic times, and it’s hard to add sufficient scale to 'academic reach' and cover all the expertise and capabilities required.

So, what fills the gap between job boards and in-house?


Academic Jobs augments your in-house resources with access to the world’s largest academic network at your fingertips.

Our purpose-built academic engagement platform and streamlined end-to-end academic communication systems replace inefficient manual processes. And AcademicJobs’ expert team supports you at every step.

It’s an attraction and engagement solution unparalleled in speed, cost, quality and efficiency.

Too good to be true? Check it out for yourself.


A global network of academics who are interested...

Access academic talent from all disciplines and faculties in any corner of the globe.
Flexibly scale your resources, without adding headcount or overheads.

An end-to-end production platform.

We have created several innovative recruitment solutions for you.

We make your job easier by having the recruitment platform that is multi-dimensional,  reaching your desired future applicants in a timely and effective manner!

A Global Academic talent pool at your fingertips.

Our Global Academic Talent Pool is made up of highly qualified and experienced academics that are passionate about the future of higher education, its facilities, research outcomes and student learnings.  They are both active and passive job seekers and entrepreneurial in the way they work with universities, private industry, and media.  We work with our academic talent to understand that there are many ways for them to contribute as an academic and to be rewarded as an academic.  One size does not fit all.  We know that!  We find round pegs for round holes, and we find square pegs for square holes.  We also communicate with our academics in a way that has them ready to be open for your approach… no other recruitment platform does that! 

By using Academic Jobs, you will find and hire your Academic Talent quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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